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I’m pretty amazed at all the things you can do with coffee grounds. I’m barely touching the surface here with my little list. There are some amazing ways to reuse or enhance life with these uses for coffee grounds.

15 Uses For Coffee Grounds

I drink a ton of coffee in my french press. I wrote a post about how to make coffee using the french press. I’m so passionate about it! Here’s Why!! The french press makes amazing coffee, and you don’t need electricity the make the coffee! You can use a grill burner, or make a fire and boil some water. It’s a great thing to have during a disaster!

  1. Keep slugs away from certain areas by spreading a barrier or line of grounds. Consequently, they don’t like the acidity of coffee and they will stay away.
  2. Carrots and radish – Mix coffee grounds and the seeds together when planting. This can increase harvest, and help keep pests away.
  3. Coffee playdough – Yep you read that right. So with only a few ingredients, you can make some playdough using coffee grounds. Although, I am not sure what would happen for children if they ate this dough. The spent coffee ground still contains caffeine.
  4. Remove odor from hands – So here’s the deal, you just cut a bunch of garlic, and guess what, yep your hands STINK! In this case, rubbing coffee grounds on your hands will help take away the odor.
  5. Composting – You probably already know about this use for coffee grounds. Don’t add too much though, you need a good balance of green/brown items. Green items are like table scraps, (carrot peels, garlic paper, celery tops, coffee grounds, tea bags), brown items are sticks, leaves, pine needles and etc…

Where to Get Coffee?

With everything going on in the world today, undoubtedly it’s getting harder and harder to locate important items like coffee in the grocery store! However, I have a trick up my sleeve for you! Also, I’m going to share how I have a backup of 20 lbs. of coffee to ensure that I have a long term supply of coffee to outlast to hopefully outlast these crazy times!

My favorite coffee is from Costco. However, if you don’t have a membership that’s okay! So, I just found out that you can buy it on Amazon! Heck yes! This coffee is amazing. It’s dark, strong, and packed full of that perfect coffee flavor. This is my everyday coffee.

Check out the coffee I buy in bulk! Whole bean coffee will last longer than grounds. I like to keep a pretty hefty supply of coffee so I buy 10 lb. bags of whole beans for my long term food supply. I pack them in mylar bags and I add desiccant packs to help keep the moisture down. Then, I store the mylar bags in 5 gallon food-grade buckets. The whole beans are for backup basically!

Leftovers in Garden - Uses For Leftover Coffee Grounds And Tea Leaves

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Uses For Coffee Grounds Around The Home And For Fun

I especially love these fun crafty ideas below. Like the candle, and painting. What fun ideas!

6. Fridge refresher – Instead of using baking soda place coffee grounds in a mason jar with an open lid.

7. Coffee candle – Make a candle with coffee grounds in it. I love the smell of coffee, so I love this idea!

8. Paint – That’s right, you can use coffee grounds to paint! Place your grounds in some water overnight. In the morning separate the grounds, and use the colored water and use it to paint!

9. Dark circles under eyes – I haven’t tried this. Maybe I should. Mom of four, yep I could use some help under the ol’ eye bags!

10. Hair – Massage coffee grounds onto the scalp. May help with damage, and dry scalp.

Benefits For The Body - Uses For Leftover Coffee Grounds And Tea Leaves

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11. “Salt” the walkways with coffee instead of using salt. Um, it doesn’t snow here but if it did my coffee consumption would increase by 400%. Pretty sure I could “salt” the entire driveway… 🙂

12. Air freshener – Coffee grounds can help absorb odor. Leave some out in an open container. With no harsh chemicals like most air fresheners have. Major plus!

13. No-Bake Energy Bites – These look so good!

14. Clean the fireplace – Use wet coffee ground to clean up the ashy mess. Just sprinkle the ashes in the fireplace (after it has completely cooled) and then sweep it out.

15. Make a coffee sugar scrub – great for exfoliating!

DIY Coffee Scrub - Uses For Leftover Coffee Grounds And Tea Leaves

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This coffee scrub recipe is amazing! It’s popular for its exfoliating abilities. It also may help reduce the appearance of cellulite. With the addition of coconut oil, it also makes a wonderful moisturizer.

To Store Coffee Scrub

Place in an airtight container, and store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Refrigeration is necessary since wet coffee ground tend to mold, especially when exposed to warmer temperatures. If you notice any mold in your coffee scrub, throw the whole mixture out!

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In Summary

Coffee grounds are pretty useful all around the house! I hope you found these uses helpful, leave me a comment if you have any questions!

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15 Uses For Coffee Grounds