Virtual Field Trips | Zoos, Museums, Landmarks, And More!

Virtual Field Trips | Zoos, Museums, Landmarks, And More!

Virtual field trips
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In 2020 many families have been introduced not only to homeschooling but to not being able to leave the house! Virtual field trips are a great way to explore our greatest treasures without leaving the safety of home.

Fortunately, with the help of the internet, most of these virtual trips are free! The internet really gives us amazing access to some of the coolest zoos, museums, and other attractions worldwide!

It’s not only great for families who are new to homeschooling, but for any homeschoolers on a budget! Since there’s no gas and no cost for admission, the only costs will be an internet connection and your personal device to access the internet.

Why Take Virtual Field Trips?

For kids, visualizing what they are learning can really be helpful. There are so many ways to use these virtual trips to learn more about geography, animals, art, and more.

Using different mediums like written material, video, images, etc… is a great way to ensure that kids get plenty of ways to remember what they are learning.

After all, seeing is believing. One of the biggest reasons to take virtual field trips is that it has the power to inspire kids to dream about going and seeing the world. Let’s inspire our young to do something great!

Virtual Field Trips : Monuments, Temples, Landmarks, And Ruins

Virtual field trips are a great way to learn about the world. From zoos to museums thousands of miles away, kids will love to explore the world outside, while being safely inside!

Virtual Field Trips: Museums

Explore museums all over the world on the comfort of your couch! These are especially great for kids who love art. I did find some history museums too though.

Virtual Field Trips: Geography & Space

Go where man is not allowed for the time being! These museums are mostly closed to the public right now. However, you can virtually visit them.

Virtual Field Trips: Under The Sea, Aquariums, Zoos, and Other Attractions

Kids love learning about animals. Check out the virtual tours and webcams from all over the world.

In Summary

You can go anywhere you want with your imagination! Spark creativity and easy learning by learning about things children enjoy. Using a variety of mediums like images, videos, worksheets, and more! Fun fact, kids learn much more easily when they are having fun!

How have you added fun to your homeschooling journey lately? Let me know in the comments!

There are tons of Virtual Field Trips that are totally free. If you didn’t find something you like in these lists, check out The We Are Teachers website for a few more ideas!

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Virtual field trips

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  1. These virtual field trips were a lot of fun. We didn’t do them all yet but we did some that are related to our studies. Thank you!

  2. This year was a mess, but I’m so happy to stumble upon your article. This is a great list. We really enjoyed time learning about some fun things for a moment.

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