Virtual Math Manipulatives | Homeschool Math Websites
Virtual math manipulatives

Virtual Math Manipulatives | Homeschool Math Websites

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When teaching your homeschool students math it’s helpful to show a visual representation. That’s where virtual math manipulatives come into play. In order for kids to wrap their mind about math, most of the time they need to see it for themselves.

The best way is to give them a hypothetical situation, like using pizza for fractions, or a glass of water for percentages.

This year many parents have been thrown into this homeschooling thing without much notice. It can be a difficult transition from public school to homeschool. On top of that many parents are working and homeschooling.

I know the struggle. I have been homeschooling for many years now, and I work full time. Thankfully, my job is one that I can do from home. Yes, there are days when we are crazy busy, but other days we are just enjoying our time together.

Where To Buy Math Manipulatives

Did you know you can buy math manipulatives? Yep you sure can!

If you want to avoid having to use a screen for everything, or if you feel like having manipulatives in-hand will result in a better learning experience then by all means buy them!

Over the years we’ve had a couple of different sets of manipulatives. We found the very helpful to have in the homeschool classroom. However, I ended up throwing out many of the sets because I would find a piece here and there all over the house, even though they were supposed to be in the classroom!

That’s why I use virtual math manipulatives from now on. The kids can’t lose these!

However, if you’d like to buy manipulatives instead of using online resources, I’ve put together a variety list of some really great manipulatives. Perfect for all ages, there something for just about every age group.

  1. Didax Educational Resources Magnetic Fraction Tiles
  2. Base 10 Units
  3. Math Balancing Scale
  4. Multiplication Manipulatives
  5. 100s of Pieces – Math Manipulatives Kit
  6. Counting Stick Calculation & Wooden Number Cards
  7. Geometry Manipulatives
  8. Wooden Fraction Tray
  9. Play Money
  10. Pizza Fraction
  11. Less than greater than!
  12. Abacus
  13. Division Board Beads
  14. Gallon Measurement Set

Virtual Math Manipulatives

While we’re on the subject of teaching math, I wanted to link to a few of our favorite math websites. Whether you’re looking for games, videos, lessons, or even free worksheets, these websites are perfect.List

Virtual Math Manipulatives

Using math manipulatives is a great way to show a visual representation of the math your studying. You can buy all of these manipulatives or you can use a free online version of them!

There are Base 10 blocks, number lines, scales, addition, decimal, division, and multiplication charts, and so much more!

Math Websites: For Homeschoolers

Math Websites For Homeschoolers

Here are a few of our favorite math websites you can use along with your math lessons. These websites can help students practice the skills you've taught them. After all, practice makes perfect!

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Virtual math manipulatives

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