What Are Sex Link Chickens? | What Breeds Make A Sex Link Chicken?

What Are Sex Link Chickens? | What Breeds Make A Sex Link Chicken?

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Have you ever wondered what Sex Link chickens are? Or maybe you just want to know what breeds are used to create them? On our homestead, we have some Red Sex Links. They are great layers and the rooster is intelligent and protective.

Since we’ve enjoyed this breed for many years now…I thought I would write a little post and talk a little bit more about them. In this post we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Sex Link Chickens…

What Breeds Make A Sex Link Chicken?

Hatcheries create their own mix of hybrid chickens. They create these chickens by mixing a couple of different breeds together and then stamp their own creative name of the chicken they’ve made, like a brand name. Consequently, these “brand name” chickens are sometimes made with a secret sauce…and well the hatcheries don’t always like telling their formula. So sometimes we don’t know exactly what breeds were used to make the hybrid chicken…

Below are a couple of names Sex Links also go by…

  • Black Rocks
  • Red Sex Link
  • Red Shaver
  • Golden Comet
  • ISA Brown
  • Lohmann Brown
  • Red Star
  • Black Star
  • Black Sex Link

Sex Link Chickens With Pictures And Descriptions

Firstly, to make a Red Sex Link a hatchery may pair a Rhode Island Red rooster with a White Leghorn female, or a White Plymouth Rock female, a Rhode Island White female, or a Delaware female.

Here’s my Red Sex Link rooster and below is a hen. Aren’t they so beautiful?

Should I have a rooster in my flock?
My Red Sex Link Rooster name Camo …When he was younger…

These hens don’t take any crap. You will usually find them at the top of the pecking order. Surprisingly, with all the chickens we’ve lost, I’ve never lost one of these girls! As you can see they do get broody but I typically don’t let them keep their babies for long.

You might think I’m mean…Unfortunately, we just don’t have any kind of setup that’s separate for mom and babies that’s predator-proof. You can see more of what I do in this post “How To Raise Baby Chicks“. Later in the post I’ll talk more about my experience with these chickens.

Chicken feather loss due to being broody
One of my Red Sex Link Hens – The chick is not her baby actually! It’s a mix of RIR & ORP, she just happened to be broody and hatch someone else’s eggs!

Black Sex Links Or Black Rocks

Black Sex Links or “Black Rocks” are a mix of special hybrid strains of Rhode Island Red rooster and a Barred Rock hen. However, we should note…you’re most likely to find these hybrids living in the UK.

Black Sex Link chicken

The Golden Comet

The Golden Comet a mix between a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire rooster and a White Rock…You can buy Golden Comets at the Cackle Hatchery. I couldn’t find a good stock photo of these, but if you follow the link to the hatchery, they have a good one.

ISA Brown

ISA Browns are somewhat of a mystery. The hatchery that came up with the breeds guards their secrets of this particular breed very closely. However, some people believe that these are a mix of Rhode Island Red and possibly White Leghorns…

Isa Brown Sex Link chicken

Lohmann Brown

To make this hybrid, the Lohmann Brown, they cross Rhode Island Red with White Rock breeds. Many of these will have white tails and neck feathers from the pictures I’ve seen…The image below says it’s Lohmann Brown chickens, but it’s not mine, it’s just a stock photo. However, you can Google Lohmann Brown to see better images…

Lohmann Brown Sex Link chicken
The reddish brown chickens are Lohmann Brown chickens…

What Are Sex Link Chickens?

First, if you’re considering getting some Sex Link Chickens…from my experience they are a great breed to have. They are eggcellent layers. They lay the most perfect brown eggs…

Sex Link eggs
The brown ones are from my Red Sex Links, and the one that look a little pink are from my RIR/ORP mix…

What Is The Temperament Of Sex Link Chickens?

The roosters are typically smart, protective, and active birds…

They watch the skies for flying predators and alarm when necessary. They will also alert the girls to some good grub, and help them find a suitable place to lay eggs. Usually, they do this by singing a sweet little song and scratching and sort of making the area comfortable for the girls to lay in…

What Do Chickens Eat?
This is the same rooster as above, his name is Camo. He’s just a few years older in this picture. His comb is purple because he has issues with circulation…It never hurt him though…

These hens are a little more aggressive and bossy than other breeds. They are a good size compared to other smaller breeds. So they aren’t exactly docile like other breeds I’ve experienced…The roosters can be aggressive too, however, they can be taught not to spur…Which for my family is an important issue…

Red Sexlink rooster and hens
Here’s a picture of them when they are older…

What Kind Of Chickens Are Sex Links? Can They Reproduce?

Sex Links are considered a hybrid. Hybrids can only be made by cross-breeding. Fun fact…If you hatched a Sex Link egg (from mom and dad) it wouldn’t produce a Sex Link…

So instead of the baby chick coming out a Sex Link, it would actually just make one of the breeds that were used to make the Sex Link…Like it might come out as a Rhode Island Red… Like this guy…His mom and dad are Red Sex Links! He obviously a Rhode Island Red rooster. Gorgeous isn’t he?

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Since Sex Links can’t produce purebred offspring, the American Poultry Association doesn’t consider them a breed.

Determining The Sex Of Sex Links Chicks

One really cool thing about Sex Links is that they can be sexed as chicks. With other breeds, you just have to wait until they are several weeks old to see if they are male or females!

So…you can identify the sex of each chick at the time of hatching, just by checking their dominant feather color. Consequently, the colors vary with each different Sex Link variation. Learn more about what color to look out for in…This post Understanding Sex-Link Hybrid Chickens is a good source for that info…

Lastly, I hope you enjoyed this post…If you did drop me a comment! Tell me what your favorite chicken breed is! Also, stop by and check out some of our other chicken posts!

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I’d love To Know what you think!… Leave me a comment!

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