Winter Gardening | Tips for Growing a Winter Garden

Winter Gardening | Tips for Growing a Winter Garden

Winter Gardening Tips
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Gardening doesn’t have to stop just because it gets cold outside. There are many ways to grow your winter gardening.

I’ve compiled a great list of things to read about winter gardening. These are great resources to help you get started, or just for a refresher.

Cold Hardy Crops

Slowly Maturing Crops

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Winter Gardening in a Greenhouse

Why do plants grow better in a greenhouse?


I’ve gathered some great tips to help you get your winter garden ideas together. Some are just articles and others are books. I’m reading a lot lately. Especially, garden books. It will be time to do a spring garden very soon, but for now, let’s look at these tips!

Winter Gardening Tips:

Middle Maturing Crops

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This fall-winter growing guide from territorial seed. This winter planting chart is pretty handy.

Southern Exposure’s Fall/Winter Gardening Guide – Lots of great information including plants that die at freezing temperatures.

Garden forever has some really great tips for winter gardening. They also talk about the benefits of having a winter garden you may find interesting.

Quickly Maturing Crops

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If you prefer a book, you can check out “Backyard Winter Garden by, Caleb Warnock.”

Or possibly you would like to watch a video instead. Watch this “Vegetables to plant that can survive the winter.

Another great one I found is Gardening with Kids, from The Green Mountain Gardener. Lots of great suggestions here to get the kids doing something fun this winter.

Ways to Extend Gardening Season

This book (affiliate link) “Winter Harvest Handbook, by Eliot Coleman”
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Mother of a Hubbard has a great post, 10 Vegetables More Cold Hardy than Kale.

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5 herbs to grow indoors


USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

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Winter Gardening in Zone 4

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Winter Gardening in Zones 5, 6, and 7

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Winter Gardening in Zone 8

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Winter Gardening in Zone 9

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